a Travelista (with a Fear of Flying)

From DC to Brazil to California to Rome, each and every flight in my lifetime has caused me a guaranteed and certain anxiety. Even as I write this now, I’m nervously shifting in my 22A window seat (cue Eryka Badu) pondering my life and hoping that I’ve made Him proud… The question, though, is why do I put myself through this anguish? Simple. Exciting I want is on the other side of fear…


I am a Divergent

Ever been on a traditionally successful path making traditionally successful money in a traditionally successful career and thought to yourself, “If I do {insert traditionally successful task} one more time, I’m literally going to¬† {insert traditionally non-successful reaction}??” You haven’t? Ok, no problem. Feel free to exit stage left and read another post. You’re excused. […]


Plan for the Unplanned

So today I had to travel to one of my offices and on the way back, crossed a bridge that goes directly past the National Harbor. Now I had more work to do for my j-o-b, a kitchen with dishes probably ready to wash themselves, and to top it off – I was sleepy. Very sleepy. So common sense would tell me to go home, finish work, clean your kitchen, get some sleep. What do I do? B-line to my far right lane and take the ramp towards the water.

Plan for the unplanned.