Been a minute…..

… yea, I know. But see, what had happened was…. LIFE! haha Life has had me crazy busy. Good! But, crazy. I have been busy in my ministry, planning an upcoming trip to Greece (yaaasss!! y’all know I love to travel), writing like crazy to finish up a piece for an upcoming spoken word show […]


Fluffy n Fit – My Journey to Becoming a Personal Trainer (the backstory)

So I am not a size 12. Nor a 10, nor a 6, nor a 4. In fact, if you take a 1 and put it in front of that 4, that’s where you’ll find me. 14. Not Macy’s or Nordstrom 14. But Fashion to Figure, Torrid 14. And that’s when I’m not moonlighting at a 16… My most vulnerable and personal blog post yet… new post is up!


for Troy… 4/30 (National Poetry Month Challenge)

And then I was reminded that even though I am still sitting here, frustrated with work and near tears, somebody out there always has it worse. So be thankful for what you have, even if it isn’t all that you want, and be kind to everyone you meet. You never know their struggle. This is for Troy.

a Travelista (with a Fear of Flying)

From DC to Brazil to California to Rome, each and every flight in my lifetime has caused me a guaranteed and certain anxiety. Even as I write this now, I’m nervously shifting in my 22A window seat (cue Eryka Badu) pondering my life and hoping that I’ve made Him proud… The question, though, is why do I put myself through this anguish? Simple. Exciting I want is on the other side of fear…


I am a Divergent

Ever been on a traditionally successful path making traditionally successful money in a traditionally successful career and thought to yourself, “If I do {insert traditionally successful task} one more time, I’m literally going to¬† {insert traditionally non-successful reaction}??” You haven’t? Ok, no problem. Feel free to exit stage left and read another post. You’re excused. […]


Plan for the Unplanned

So today I had to travel to one of my offices and on the way back, crossed a bridge that goes directly past the National Harbor. Now I had more work to do for my j-o-b, a kitchen with dishes probably ready to wash themselves, and to top it off – I was sleepy. Very sleepy. So common sense would tell me to go home, finish work, clean your kitchen, get some sleep. What do I do? B-line to my far right lane and take the ramp towards the water.

Plan for the unplanned.